Women’s Self Defense: Getting Physical

The lumping of women’s self- ­defense with gimmicks that prey on female fear is indefensible. As a ­decades-long advocate for self- ­defense, I know that those who teach and study it very rarely — ironically enough — have the platform to defend ourselves.

The unsubstantiated meme “women’s self-defense is victim-blaming” persists, like a stalker. With Title IX, we have seen “miracles” with what women are capable of physically. However, culturally, some seem to have bought the idea that women are physically incapable and need a rescuer.

The idea that we need to change men is a no-brainer. Meanwhile, predators don’t care what women think. We do great harm by not teaching girls and women brain-not-brawn responses to violence while it’s happening.

Abstinence-only sex education doesn’t work. Neither does promoting abstinence from self-defense by keeping us ignorant about simple skills Mother Nature gave every female creature on Earth.

I assert that being anti-self-defense unconsciously feeds into misogynist views of women’s inferiority. For sure, by being offered only one view of self-defense, we do not get the richness of the field.

Who benefits from persuading women to remain damsel-like? Women don’t. Predators do. Please do not promulgate balderdash.

Along with the reality of defending yourself when things get physical,remember that you can also give yourself and advantage by being armed with personal security and self defense non-lethal weapons. Always carry either pepper spray,stun gun and flashlights when out and about at night.

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